Do you know about genealogy of Sardar Mehar Polo…?

I think no one…. It is a hidden fact……

He was the Sardar of Khora Sial reigon in central Punjab near to Dipalpur. His father was Nassir-u-ddin, the last titular “Nawab of Punjab”.

The fact is that, he was from the royal linage of Bidar Dil Mirza, who was son of Bidar Bakht, the great Mughal commander who played an important role in establishing the Mughal Empire in Rajputana and grandson of Aurangzeb the Great. Bidar Dil Mirza and his┬ádescendants ruled the major regions of Punjab until the formation of Sikh empire. After unsuccessful War of Independence 1857, all titles and powers of Nassir-u-ddin was desolved. As Sardar Polo wife was daughter of Janjua Chief who was freind of British officals, the Britishs left the Polo’s live on the condition that they will not use Mughal title with his name.

In this way, the Sardar Meher Polo know as “Janjua Rajput” but he was timurid.